Ask For Help

The world has not been perfect since creation. Still, we look to for perfection and expect the upmost from all we see, touch, and experience. Perspective drives what you view as perfection. Have you had the perfect day or the perfect chain of events that you were proud to title? If so you understand that your outlook on life is thriving to continuously create a vision of what is in sync with what feels good.


Asking for help, learning to be great from what has never been perfect rather just what seems right or even a wrong experience and intentional training is apart of what creates a synchronized perfection between heart and mind. The premise of asking for help and seeking assistance is often confused and ridiculously subjected to a weakness from the young to old peer group alike. History shows this can’t be further from the truth.

World leaders, athletes, professors, chief executive officers, and even parents ask for help all throughout the world and life. So for children or any other human being to feel shame when asking is a stigma that seems to be all smoke and mirrors. The reality though is that this has become a feat that still most don’t feel comfortable exercising regularly and with swift initiation.

If the president has advisors for help and your parents have planners for their taxes and wealth then there is no reason for hesitation to seek immediate and an abundance of life coaching or instant wisdom for any case.

There are many reasons why asking for help makes the greatest leaders, increases productivity, and brings the masses together inspiring them to do  more. Humans weren’t built to do it all on our own as we see from birth.  Our mothers carrying us showing us the way through dedicated parenting and even the mothers may need assistance delivering us with a team of doctors and medical professionals.

Our brains and bodies respond and are wired to connect with others and the environment. Our brains and pineal glands crave sun air and water and socially even though you may want isolation for a moment it’s only because you aren’t familiar with the surroundings and want to stay protected from the unknown. Being independent builds character for yourself and asking for help builds trust in others as well as interpersonal relationship skills needed for survival here on earth.

Our parents have passed down the protection skills vital for surviving fear. Don’t talk to strangers, don’t persist and bother anyone, don’t stare at people and don’t ask dumb questions. These foundations may have hindered our response time and formed the instinct to freeze when we don’t know how to move comfortably into the predictable future.

We now have the data that allows us not to be fearful of the unknown rather study our past as wisdom and utilize the assistance of shared information. Communicating proven formulas for higher education, intention, knowledge, and purpose is the basis of what it means to be on a path to greatness and world peace which is a value the Backswing- Conseil will validate and continue to pursue.